Trinity Lutheran Classical School 

(Preschool - 8th Grade)

An evangelical outreach program created by Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS) Mission and Ministry to serve the educational needs of Miles City, MT since 1988.   

Trinity Lutheran Classical School (Preschool - 8th Grade)

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Our Mission 

The mission of Trinity Lutheran Classical School, Miles City, Montana, is to provide Christ-centered instruction through a classical curriculum that is challenging, academic, and Bible-based in a caring and nurturing environment.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


The goals of the educational program of Trinity Lutheran Classical School are that each student: 

  • Daily live in the eternal hope of everlasting life with Jesus Christ
  • Remain steadfast in devotion to Christ’s Word and Sacraments
  • Maintain a Godly and healthy lifestyle
  • Be successful in future educational opportunities
  • Joyfully serve as a responsible and productive member of society

Notice Of Non-Discrimination Policy 

Trinity Lutheran Classical School, a Christian learning center, admits students of any race, color, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and other school-administered programs.

The Classical Curriculum 

With Christ Jesus at the center, Trinity Lutheran Classical School provides quality education in all academic subjects through a classical methodology and curriculum. Classical education values all branches of learning. Expectations are high and the students are challenged to think broadly, deeply and creatively. Classical education builds on a pattern of learning that is innate in every human being. The technical name for teaching according to this pattern is called the Trivium, which consists of three phases called the grammar phase, the logic or dialectic phase, and the rhetoric or expressive stage. 

Grammar - In the first stage (Preschool – 3rd Grade), when children are most curious, the classical teacher uses songs, poetry, and repetition to build the foundation with the words and facts necessary to learn about various subjects. 

Logic - In the analytical stage (4th – 6th Grade), children want more than “just the facts.”  They also want to understand the reasons why subjects are formulated as they are, so the classical teacher will not only teach a subject’s information, but also the logical reasoning which undergirds that information. 

Rhetoric - The expressive stage (7th & 8th Grade) refers to the reasoned and logical articulation of ideas which are original for the student.  The goal of a classical education is that children will not only know and understand their subjects well, but they will also be able to explain their knowledge, defend their understanding of that knowledge, and use their knowledge to think creatively about whatever interests them. 

The classical curriculum concentrates on the humanities, and is teacher directed and is rich in content.  It is designed to provide students with the tools for learning and generate within them a love and enthusiasm for learning, as well as the self-discipline to accomplish it. 

Religion – God’s revealed Word is the heart of our curriculum.  The Holy Bible is the principle textbook.  The daily lessons are supplemented with the study of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism which contains a summary and correct exposition and application of those Biblical truths in a simple and learnable format. Memorization of Bible passages and truths is emphasized.  In addition, the pastor of Trinity (Headmaster) or the classroom teacher will lead the students each day in a chapel service in which the students and staff are given the opportunity to worship the Triune God and grow in the knowledge and stature of Christ. 

Language Arts – Reading, literature, spelling, grammar, handwriting and composition are taught utilizing Spalding’s The Writing Road to Reading and Shurley Grammar.  The objective is to help all children learn to speak precisely, spell accurately, write proficiently, and read fluently with comprehension. 

Latin – The study of Latin enables the students to gain grammatical discipline, build an understanding in language structure, and enhance their English vocabulary. Song School Latin, Prima Latina, Latina Christiana, and Latin for Children are the primary texts.

Mathematics – Study in this discipline is conducted using Saxon Math. It is an incremental approach that provides students a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of math. 

History – Focusing on Western Civilization, history studies follow a chronological survey: Creation, Egyptian Period, Greek and Roman Period, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation and American History. Texts and other teaching materials are published by Veritas and Memoria Press. 

Geography – A thorough study of the continents and the United States prepares students for a better understanding of the world.  The goal is to connect geography with history, culture and the economy of the land. Teaching resources are once again from Veritas and Memoria Press. 

Science – In the early grammar stage, the students study physical and life sciences.  They are then introduced to a general systematic study which includes the scientific method, experiments, and the disciplines of biology, astronomy, chemistry, and physics using texts from Elemental Science. 

Music and Art – Students are instructed using the Core Knowledge series.  Drawing lessons are the foundation of the art curriculum.  In music, children are given many opportunities to sing, hear, and appreciate quality music.  The students study famous composers, hymns, and learn beginning notation. 

Physical Education – The focus is on health, fitness and learning to cooperate in playing games.

Grading Scale for K – 8th

99-100  A+
95-98   A
93-94     A-
91-92         B+
88-90  B
86-87    B-
84-85 C+
80-83  C
78-79      C-
76-77  D+
72-75    D
70-71    D-
69 and lower F

Preschool Curriculum

An Early Childhood Christian Learning Center Shepherding Jesus’ Lambs Since October 3, 1988




The preschool curriculum also seeks to incorporate the classical approach.  It understands, as well, that young children seem to learn best through play, repetition and direct encounters with their world using all five senses.  In the preschool classroom you will see role-playing, block structures, opportunities for creative expression, sorting, classifying, counting, smelling, tasting and touching.  This means the classroom may be a bit noisy and look somewhat chaotic at times but learning is taking place. Our curriculum covers the following areas:


  • Spiritual growth and worship
  • Language development
  • Reading readiness
  • Math concepts
  • Health
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Physical education/ large muscle development
  • Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Arts, crafts and music

Instruction is achieved through both teacher directed group activities and individual, free-choice activities.  Concordia Publishing House “Voyages – Exploring God’s Word” curriculum is utilized along with various other teaching supplements.

Enrollment Information 

Registrations for enrollment are generally taken in the spring and summer for the following school year.  Names can be added to our waiting lists at any time.  Any openings that come up through-out the school year will be filled from our waiting lists.  All enrollments are handled by the administrative assistant or headmaster.  In addition to paying the non-refundable registration fee, an enrollment application form must be completed and a copy of your child’s immunization record must be provided before your child may attend our school. K - 8th students must also provide a copy of their birth certificate. 

Trinity Lutheran Classical School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. Children are enrolled with first consideration being given to baptized members of Trinity Lutheran Church and those students returning from the previous school year during our registration period and then to those on our waiting list in the order they appear. 

A two-day preschool program is offered for 3 and 4-year-olds.  In order to be enrolled, the child must be 3 on or before September 10th of the current school year.  If your child’s birthday falls shortly after this date, exceptions may be made at the teacher’s discretion and with the approval of the Headmaster. 

A three-day preschool program is also offered for 4 and 5-years-olds.  The child must be four on or before September 10th. When there are special needs or circumstances a 6-year old may be accepted into the three day program.  All such requests are to be made to the headmaster for approval. 

Preschool Program Sessions

3-day Program       Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
2-day Program Tuesday, Thursday 
Morning Sessions   8:00 am - 11:00 am
Afternoon  Sessions  1:00 pm -  4:00 pm

Children ready for grades K - 8th, will be placed accordingly.  All children must be toilet trained and generally able to care for their personal needs. It is understood that occasionally accidents may occur. 

It is assumed when the child is registered that it is for the full school year.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with the program, you do not feel your child is ready for school, or you cannot afford to continue sending them, PLEASE speak to the child’s teacher and/or the headmaster before removing them from the program.  There may be something we can do to help with the matter.  At least 1 week notice would be greatly appreciated before withdrawing your child from the program.  Any tuition paid in advance may be refunded on a pro-rated basis at the discretion of the Headmaster and the Board of Christian Education. Any outstanding balances owed are expected to be paid in full when the student is withdrawn.

School Year 

For parents’ convenience, we try to coincide with the Miles City Unified School District calendar as much as possible.  District closings for bad weather will also apply to TLCS, should they occur.  Be aware, however, that TLCS does not always observe the same District holidays or PIR days.  Familiarize yourself with the school calendar and always check the teachers’ letters and notes. 

Individual and group pictures will be taken during the school year.  Check for dates on calendar and in notes.


A non-refundable registration fee, per child, is due at the time of enrollment each year. (See the following page for amounts.)  TLCS does not receive any federal or state aid, nor does it have huge cash reserves. The financial viability of the school is dependent upon student families making regular, timely tuition payments to insure that staff salaries and all other operation expenses can be met on a timely basis. 

All checks or money orders are to be made payable to Trinity Lutheran Classical School. Registration fees and tuition payments are to be mailed or delivered in person to the church office.  All monthly tuition payments are due one month in advance by the 1st of the month. (i.e. September tuition payment is due August 1st. October’s tuition payment is due September 1st .)  Preschool tuition payments shall be made August – April, a total of 9 payments. K - 8th grade students have the option of reducing the monthly payment amount by making 10 monthly payments instead of 9. Under the 10-month option, payments would be made August – May. 

No extra payment is required for the school days in August as they are offset by the vacation/holiday breaks during the rest of the year.  No discount is given for vacation/holiday break days not in school. If the monthly tuition payment has not been paid by the beginning of the month, the child is not to attend until it is paid. 

If difficulties should arise in meeting the monthly tuition payment, you are encouraged to speak immediately with the headmaster or the administrative assistant to make special arrangements to meet the tuition obligation.  We understand that sometimes the unforeseeable can happen; and we want to be able to assist you as much as we are able. 

Tuition is not waived, refunded or discounted for personal vacation absences or holidays that may occur during a month. However, tuition or partial pro-rated tuition may be refunded if the following apply: 

1.)  The student is withdrawn from the program upon proper notice and with the approval of the school headmaster.  There will be no refund if a student is withdrawn without prior notification and consultation with the headmaster.

2.)  The student contracts a long-term illness where he or she misses all class sessions for 10 or more consecutive days. (Doctor’s note is required.)

Tuition Scholarships 

It is our hope that no child will be kept from attending Trinity Lutheran Classical School due to financial inability.  Accordingly, a limited number of scholarships and other financial assistance are available. Most scholarships are issued at the beginning of the school year and extend throughout the academic year. However, applications for financial assistance can be made anytime throughout the year.  Proper documentation of income must be provided. Please contact the administrative assistant for a scholarship application should one be needed.  All scholarship requests must be approved by the Board of Christian Education and are based upon available funding, the number of scholarships requested, the situations of greatest need.  Federal free lunch guidelines are used to determine the level of need.  All scholarships are funded by donations from TLC members, memorials and special offerings (i.e. Christmas programs, Graduation/Promotion programs). Donations to the scholarship fund are welcome anytime.

Tuition Discounts 

Returning Student – A 5% tuition discount is offered to any returning K - 8th student.  This does not apply to students enrolling in our 3-day preschool program who had previously attended our 2 day preschool program. 

Multi-Child – Families having 2 children enrolled at TLCS will receive a 25% tuition discount for the youngest child. If there is a third child enrolled, the youngest child would receive a 50% discount in addition to the 2nd child’s 25% discount. 

Trinity Family Member Discount – A 15% discount on one child’s tuition is offered to any family where one or both of the parents are confirmed members of Trinity Lutheran Church or another Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregation.  The 15% discount is applied to the eldest child’s tuition.

Arrival, Dismissal, and Attendance Policies 

In order to ensure the safety of the children and also allow the teachers their full preparation time, school doors will not be unlocked until 7:45 a.m.  Special arrangements may be made with the classroom teacher in the case of family emergencies or when other special circumstances require the child be brought to school earlier. 

Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from school safely, and in a timely manner.  For your convenience, the alley is ‘One Way’ off of Prairie onto Center.  When picking up and dropping off your child, please use the back entrance off the alley or the front entrance on Pearl Street.  An adult or student 12 or older, must accompany preschoolers to the classroom door and place them into the direct care of the classroom teacher or aid.  All students will only be released into the custody and care of a preauthorized adult or student 12 years or older.  Students will remain in the care of school staff until picked up by a proper guardian. 

The school needs to be notified when someone different will be picking up the child. The school also needs to be notified when your child will be absent for any reason.  Do so before or after class time.  During school hours messages will be taken and the teacher will reply at her earliest convenience.

Children are to arrive and depart within 10 minutes of scheduled times. Please DO NOT drop off your child earlier than ten minutes before class time or pick them up later than 10 minutes after class ends unless prior arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher. 

K - 8th Grade School Hours – are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Please do not drop off your child before 7:45 am and have them picked-up no later than 3:15 pm.  On Wednesdays, students will be dismissed at 2:00 pm to coincide with public school activities. 

K - 8th Grade Attendance – According to Montana State Law, all students are held to punctual and regular attendance.  If for some reason the student will be absent or late to school, the parents need to contact the school office so that the teacher can be informed.  The teacher also needs to be notified in advance for planned absences.  Any school work missed, while the student was absent, must be made up.  Parents need to contact the teacher to make arrangements for the child’s make-up assignments.  Any work not made up is a grade of “zero.”  Tardiness in excess of one hour will be counted as one-half day absent. If poor attendance becomes an issue, it may be used as a primary criteria in evaluating the student’s promotion or retention.

Student Pick-Up Policy 

The safety of our students at TLCS is of paramount importance.  In order to insure the safety of the children, the classroom teacher is only allowed to place the students into the custody of the person or persons the parents have granted prior permission and of whom the teacher has a copy of his or her picture ID on file in her classroom. 

It is the parents’ responsibility to provide TLCS with a copy of the picture ID of every individual they grant permission to pick their child up from school, including the parents themselves.  Please limit to five persons.  Special permission from the Headmaster is required for any additional persons.

If a person shows up to pick-up a child who does not have a picture ID on file with the teacher, the teacher is required to first contact the parents by phone to secure the parents’ verbal permission before allowing the child to be placed in the person’s custody.

Attire, Supplies, and Property 

Grades K - 8 have a required uniform.  Dress your preschooler in comfortable, washable clothing. Provide appropriate outdoor clothing for the season (jackets, mittens, hats, boots, etc. ) and LABEL all outdoor clothing with your child’s name. 

It is at the teacher’s discretion as to whether the children will or will not go outside for playtime on any given day due to weather. It may be 10 degrees below 0 and they may go out for a few minutes, so PLEASE dress them for the weather. When the class does go out, the whole class will go; no child shall remain in. 

Children may wear shorts (but no short shorts) to school when the weather is warm enough, generally in September and again in the spring.  Since accidents sometimes occur, please send a spare change of clothing appropriate for all seasons, in a labeled plastic bag that can be kept at school. This is important for all students, as sickness, and rips and tears, as well as bathroom accidents can happen to anyone. 

Near the start of school each preschool student will be given a school shirt.  On occasion, notes may be sent home asking students to wear their school shirt for a special day or event.  ALL students will need a backpack or book bag.  Please label the bag with your child’s name, as we sometimes end up with several identical bags.  They should bring their bag with them and take it home each day they attend school. 

Your child will be provided a basket or cubby in the classroom for their papers and important notices from school.  The basket should be checked before leaving class EACH day. PLEASE ask to see your child’s papers and read and look them over.  On the first day, both 2 and 3 day preschoolers are asked to bring 1 large package of Wet Wipes.  No other supplies are needed.  Your preschool registration fee covers the cost of materials used throughout the school year.

K - 8 students will be mailed a supply list prior to the start of school.  Please follow the requests and do not add or change items.  Our space is limited!  Additional supplies may be requested during the year via a note from the teacher.

Students are expected to respect the property belonging to others, as well as to the school Children are asked not to bring toys from home.  Gum, candy, and money should also be left at home, or in the book bag.  The teacher is permitted to temporarily confiscate such personal items that become a distraction or otherwise pose a problem in the classroom.

K - 8th Grade School Uniform Dress Code

The official school uniform consists of Navy Blue slacks or skirts with long or short sleeved Oxford shirt in light blue with school LOGO.  It is required to be worn every Wednesday and at all school programs and events.  Other approved dress as listed below can be worn during regular school times.

Shirts:  Interlock Polo, Mesh Polo, Oxford short or long sleeved (Girls may wear feminine fit) In colors: light blue, navy, pink, or white MUST HAVE SCHOOL LOGO.  Uniforms are not to be layered with T-shirts, etc., in unapproved colors.  The school will provide one long sleeved Oxford shirt in light blue for each K - 8th grade student.  Parents need to provide the teacher with their child’s shirt size on the enrollment form

Sweaters:  Drifter button front cardigan, or zip front cardigan and/or vest in Navy with LOGO.

Pants:  Plain or pleat front pants, with or without elastic, or plain front corduroy pants in Navy or Black or Tan. 

  • Plain or pleat front shorts, about knee length, or Capris in Navy or Black or Tan.
  • No jean or cargo shorts or pants. No skin tight pants or leggings worn as pants.
  • Leggings or tights or shorts are required under skirts, jumpers or dresses in solid colors: light blue, pink, or navy.

Skirts:  Pleated or A-line skirt or shorts, knee length or longer, in Navy or Black or Tan. 

Dresses:  Long or short sleeved polo dresses or jumpers in navy, pink, or light blue. All with LOGO. 


  • Belts- braided or plain in brown or black
  • Shoes- Dress shoes are preferred. Tennis shoes, Mary Janes, and Cowboy boots are permitted. All shoes are required to be in solid, dark, colors; brown, black, or navy. (The only exception would be shoes worn at recess and during P.E.)
  • Ties will be provided by the School when we have dress occasions.  They are kept at school.

Land’s End school catalogs are available in the wall rack just outside the office.

School uniform items may be purchased from any clothing store as long as colors match the required colors.  If you purchase from anywhere other than Land’s End, our school logo can be added locally at Stitching 4U, 819 Main St. (234-8111).

The school has a multitude of available free used TLCS clothing in various sizes ready to pickout. Parents of K-6 th students are welcome to look over the selection and take any items their child can use.

Health Matters 

We are interested in the health of every child attending Trinity Lutheran Classical School. Good health habits contribute to their success in school.  Cleanliness is important in the prevention of spreading germs, viruses and disease. Clean hands, teeth, hair, and bodies are appreciated.  Some factors that can contribute to low achievement and/or behavioral problems are: emotional problems, physical problems, poor nutrition, lack of sufficient rest and sleep, and improper balance of TV viewing or video games to other activities.  Our staff will follow the students’ progress in these areas. Any child not maintaining satisfactory health care practices is of concern to us and parents will be consulted as deemed necessary.

Over the years we have had to deal with an occasional incident of head lice, as do many schools and day cares.  If you discover that your child is infected, we appreciate knowing ASAP and ask that you keep your child home until they have been cleared by your family doctor or county health department.  A signed release is required to return.  If an incident of infection does occur, a notice will be sent home informing all parents to check their children.

It is important that the child’s teacher be consulted immediately whenever a problem arises concerning the child at home or at school.  This would include such things as a recent or impending change in the child’s living arrangement, a death in the family, discipline problems, or an issue with another student. You may be surprised at how deeply some events, or a few overheard words, can affect your child’s behavior and academic achievement.  The better we know your child, the better we can understand and work with their individual needs.

Lunch Policy 

Trinity Lutheran Classical School has a “closed campus” during lunch.  It is necessary that students in grades K - 8 provide their own sack lunches.  A microwave and refrigerator are available. Healthy snacks need to be sent daily for an A.M. break.  Please do not send sweets, candy or pop. These will be returned home.

Preschool Snacks 

It is important that all children get adequate rest and have a good breakfast or lunch before each preschool day.  Approximately four times a year, each child will be asked to bring enough snacks and drinks for the entire class for a week.  The teacher is in charge of scheduling students to bring snack.  Each month, a Snack Calendar will be sent home, so you know when your child’s turn is and how many children to provide for. If you will be unable to provide snack at your scheduled time, please contact your child’s teacher ASAP so other arrangements can be made.  Any leftovers will remain at school for use when snack is forgotten by someone, unless specifically requested.

Your child may bring a special treat on their birthday, even though they may not be scheduled to bring snack that day.  If you would like to send a special treat for a particular holiday, please speak with your child’s teacher.

PLEASE make sure the teacher and teacher’s aide are aware of any food allergies or other health conditions your child may have.

Below is a list of nutritional snacks from which you can choose.  Since some children are on restricted sugar diets, we ask that you send from the list.  When you are sending juice, please be sure there is no added sugar.  Juice will be kept on hand for those who have dairy allergies and cannot drink milk. We also try to keep extra crackers on hand for those allergic to nuts.  Please use low-salt food items whenever possible.  If there are any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher

Approved Healthy Snacks would include the following: 

Bread/Cereal:  Cheerio’s, crackers, graham crackers, popcorn, rice cakes or bars, and granola bars. 

Milk, Meat, Dairy: Slices of lunch meat, cheese slices or sticks, peanut butter, nuts, ice cream 

Vegetables/Fruit:  Carrot or celery sticks, apples, raisins, fun fruit or roll-ups, banana


In order to assist us in promoting wellness in our classrooms and protect the health of other children, please keep your child home if he/she has been sick during the night, is running a fever, or has a severe cough.  Notify the school when your child will be absent for any reason and especially when your child has a communicable disease or other health problem which may be of concern to others.  This can be especially important with matters such as head lice.  Be advised that when any child becomes ill during school hours, the parents will be called to take him/her home.


The staff will take care of very minor injuries (i.e. first aid type).  You will be notified of any treatment given.  If an emergency arises beyond this, every effort will be made to contact you and/or your contact person, and/or your doctor.


The school must have a copy of your child’s immunization record prior to the start of school.  A child must be properly immunized in order to be enrolled.  The recommended schedule is printed on the next page.

Discipline Policy 

The task of Christian education is to ground the student in the Word of God, so that the student may grow in faith (Romans 10:17) and in service to God and others (1 Peter 2:9), Ephesians 2:10).  The primary objective of responsible discipline is to insure that each student may learn in an environment that is safe, productive, and conducive to learning. With this in mind, each student is expected to act in a responsible manner, with proper respect for God’s Word, for the teacher, and for other students in the classroom.

Discipline is expected to be maintained by the classroom teacher in a serious, consistent, fair, and impartial manner.  If such discipline does not resolve the behavior problem, the headmaster and parents will be included to help bring about correction, confession, and forgiveness.

School Rules

Behave responsibly:  Students will be responsible for their behavior. 

Respect Authority:  Students will honor and obey the headmaster, teachers, aides, parents and others in authority. 

Respect Others:  Students will show care and concern for the safety and space of others. 

Respect Self:  Students will use good health and safety habits.  Students will set a Christian example in word and deed. 

Respect School Environment:  Students will show proper care for the property of the church and school.

Parental Involvement 

We recognize that the primary responsibility for your child’s growth in all these areas lies with you, the parents, and most normally occurs within the framework of the home.  At the same time, we know that parents desire assistance in these aspects of care and training.  We know that we must not be and cannot be a substitute for your capable parenting and wholesome home environment.  We do desire to serve and assist you by providing the best possible learning environment to help encourage your child’s social and personal growth.

To keep you involved in your child’s schooling you will get notes and letters from the teacher from time to time.  You will also receive the church newsletter, which features a preschool and K - 8th article each month highlighting our activities.  You are asked to: 

1.)  Look at your child’s papers following each day of school and discuss the day’s activities with them.  What did they learn?  Check for monthly calendars!  Look for notes and notices of upcoming activities and events.

2.)  Let your child help with the selection and preparation of snacks or lunches.

3.)  Help your child in preparing for their day. Are they properly dressed?  Do they have what they need?   Is there something special happening at the school today?

4.)  We may occasionally ask for a parent volunteer to help in class or to chaperon a class outing.

If your child tells you something shocking about school like, “The teacher made us eat dog food or worms!” please don’t be immediately alarmed.  Contact the teacher and discuss the matter.  You would then find out that while studying a lesson on pets, the children had a snack called “Puppy Chow”, or during the science lesson they had a snack of dirt (cookies and pudding with gummy worms in it). Children’s explanations may sometimes desire further clarification.  There is usually a reasonable explanation for most things.  We will do our best to answer any questions that you may have.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent – teacher conferences will be held twice a year in the fall and spring.  You are highly encouraged to attend.   the school calendar in this handbook page 16 for the dates.  You will receive notification from your child’s teacher as to the location of the sign-up sheet which is placed near the door, a week or two ahead of time. At the conference, preschool parents will receive a progress report which will evaluate the development of your child.  It will cover intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth, but will not compare your child with others in the program.  Grades K - 8th parents will be given a report card quarterly.  The conference will be a time for you to ask questions about progress or grades, homework, and if extra help is needed.

The school staff may identify and inform the parent(s) when they believe that a child has a learning disability or an area of concern that may need to be addressed. This might occur, for instance, if your child has a speech impediment, hearing or sight problem, or possibly ADD or ADHD.  If that is the case, you will be encouraged to seek help from area specialists in evaluating your student’s needs.  Once a parent has been informed of the concern, it is the parent’s responsibility to seek further consultation and help from DEAP, a specialist or a medical professional.

A Prayer for the Opening of School 

Lord Jesus, You came to the world as a Teacher and invited us to learn from You. Remember, then, all teachers, pupils and parents as we begin a new school year.  Provide thoughtful and caring teachers who stimulate and encourage children to be eager to learn.  Provoke parents to take a genuine interest in their children’s education.  Send Your holy angels to protect students and teachers from anything that might harm their bodies and minds. In keeping with Your will, let each one who begins this school year complete the term successfully and with thanksgiving to You.  Keep all of us in mind of Your teachings, for it is through the knowledge of Christ that we reach the goal of eternal life.  Amen

Trinity Lutheran Classical School Staff

Pam Henman       Preschool Teacher
Michelle Rice K - 8th Teacher
Roberta Rickman  K - 8th teacher
Jolene Taylor     K - 8th Teacher’s Aide
Peggy Certain Administrative Assistant 
Howard Schreibeis   Pastor & Headmaster

Questions You May Have

It is our hope that this handbook has given you the information you need to know about our school program.  If you have any questions or concerns now or throughout the school year, please feel free to contact the appropriate staff with your concerns.  If you have a concern regarding your child’s teacher or any other staff member, please speak to them first.  If the matter is not resolved, you may then express your concerns to the Headmaster. The TLCS staff will do its best to resolve all matters in a loving and Christian manner.  We look forward to serving your family, in Christ.  Lord, Bless this ministry.

Classical School Updates

Please check the monthly newsletter for recent updates regarding school activities – Thank you!