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Trinity Lutheran Classical School | Miles City, MT (Preschool, Kindergarten - 8th Grade)

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1). Handbook

The Preschool, Kindergarten - 8th Grade School Handbook gives students and parents/guardians an understanding of the general rules and guidelines for attendance and receiving a classical education at Trinity Lutheran Classical School.

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The calendar keeps students, faculty, and staff reminded of key dates throughout the academic semester and year. It can also be useful for prospective students, alumni, and parents as well. 

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12 Great Reasons to Attend a Christian School

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An Overview of Trinity Lutheran Classical School in Miles City, MT


Preschool, Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Since 1988, Trinity Lutheran Classical School has been serving the educational needs of Miles City, MT through our evangelical outreach program.

Grades We Teach

Preschool, Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Core Objective

The core objective of Trinity Lutheran Classical School in Miles City, Montana, is to provide Christ-centered teaching in a loving and loving atmosphere via a curriculum that is demanding, scholarly, and Bible-based. "Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is grown, he will not stray from it," says Proverbs 22:6.

Goals of Learning

Trinity Lutheran Classical School's Christian Kindergarten - 8th grade educational curriculum seeks to ensure that each student:

  • Every day, live in the eternal prospect of eternal life with Jesus Christ
  • Maintain your dedication to Christ's Word and Sacraments
  • Maintain a Godly and healthy way of living
  • Be successful in your future educational endeavors
  • Serve with joy as a responsible and productive member of society

The Classical Education Curriculum

Trinity Lutheran Classical School delivers exceptional instruction in all academic areas. We use a traditional philosophy and curriculum.

Our approach places a high focus on all areas of learning. The bar is set high, and students are encouraged to think wide, profoundly, and creatively. Our curriculum uses a style of education that is natural in all humans.

The precise term for classical education in this manner is the Trivium, which comprises of three phases: grammar, logic or dialectic, and rhetoric or expressive.


During the initial stage (Preschool – 3rd Grade), when children are most receptive, the instructor employs music, poetry, and repetition to provide the groundwork for learning the words and information needed to become knowledgeable about many subjects.


During the analytical stage (4th – 6th Grade), youngsters seek more than "simply the facts." They also want to understand why things are structured the way they are. Therefore, an instructor does not teach only the subject's contents. The instructor also teaches the logical thinking that underpins that material.


The expressive stage (7th & 8th Grade) refers to the reasoned and logical expression of concepts unique to the learner. The objective is for pupils to not only know and comprehend their topics well. Students can explain their knowledge, defend their understanding of that information, and think creatively about whatever interests them.

Our curriculum is rich in content and focuses on the humanities. It is teacher-directed and focuses on the humanities. We offer children learning tools while also instilling passion and zest for studying, including the self-discipline required to succeed

About Our Church Preschool

Preschool activities

Since October 3, 1988, Trinity Lutheran Classical School's early childhood Christian learning center has been shepherding Jesus' lambs through our church preschool program in the Miles City, MT area. That is over 30 years of experience, and we continue to serve the educational needs of Eastern Montana.

The Church Preschool Curriculum

We incorporate the classical methodology into the church preschool curriculum. This recognizes that young children appear to learn best through playing, repetition, and direct encounters with their environment, employing all five senses. There will be role-playing, block structures, creative expression, sorting, categorizing, counting, smelling, tasting, and touching in the preschool classroom. The classroom may be a little noisy and chaotic at times. However, learning is taking place.

Our Church Preschool Curriculum Includes the Following

  • Spiritual development and worship
  • Language development
  • Reading readiness
  • Basic Mathematics principles
  • Health
  • Fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination
  • Arts & crafts

The Christian Factor in Preschool Classical Education

  • Build a strong basis in the Christian faith based on God's Word
  • Incorporate Christian beliefs and values into the curriculum on a regular basis
  • Provide a loving Christian environment in which the children can flourish, as well as Christian instructors who are able to teach and set an example for students
  • At a young age, assist in developing a prayer life as well as an appreciation for and knowledge of God's Word
  • Create a support system for all members of the family
  • Create a community outreach effort for children and their families
  • Community service extends the church's activities into the community

Social Media

Preschool Facebook Page

If you are not a Facebook user, that is OK.  You can still see what’s going on at Trinity Lutheran Classical School in Miles City, MT

How to Find Trinity Lutheran Classical School

Were located at 221 S Center Ave inside Trinity Lutheran Church in Miles City, MT

Parking Space

Parking is available on South Center Avenue and Pearl Street. We also have a parking area along the alleyway in the back of the church. Handicap parking is accessible on the church's east side on Center Avenue. Wheelchair unloading is available in front of the church on Pearl Street. 

Contact Information

Trinity Lutheran Classical School 

Established August 2008

Preschool, Kindergarten - 8th Grade

221 S Center Ave, Miles City MT 59301

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday

Phone:  406-234-4983