K - 8th Registration Form


(Established August 2008)
(406) 234-4983
Downloadable K ‚Äď 8th Registration Form

(This form must be completed each school year ‚Äď Please use black or blue ink.)

CHILD'S FULL NAME ____________________________________________________________      GENDER (Circle One)  MALE      FEMALE

BIRTHDATE  _______________________________         CURRENT AGE: _____ YRS  _____ MOS       GRADE (2018-19)___________

MOTHER/GUARDIAN _______________________________________          MAIDEN NAME __________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS _________________________________________________________  HOME PHONE _________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________   MOBILE PHONE _______________________________

MAILING ADDRESS (If different from above) _____________________________________________________________________________________

WORK/BUSINESS EMPLOYER NAME ____________________________________________ WORK PHONE __________________________

FATHER/GUARDIAN __________________________________________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________          HOME PHONE __________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________                           MOBILE PHONE  _______________________________

MAILING ADDRESS (If different from above) ______________________________________________________________________________________

WORK/BUSINESS EMPLOYER NAME ___________________________________________WORK PHONE  __________________________

If the parent is separated from his/her spouse, please indicate if the other parent has permission to have contact with the child while at Trinity Lutheran Classical School:     YES _______     NO ________

GUARDIAN'S RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD __________________________________________________________________

DAYCARE PROVIDER (if applicable) __________________________________________________________________________

DAYCARE ADDRESS & PHONE _____________________________________________________________________________


      NAME _____________________________                BIRTHDAY ____________________         RELATIONSHIP _________________________

      NAME _____________________________                BIRTHDAY ____________________         RELATIONSHIP _________________________

      NAME _____________________________                BIRTHDAY ____________________         RELATIONSHIP _________________________

ETHNIC ORIGIN (Information for government reporting only) CAUCASIAN _________    AMERICAN INDIAN ____________

ASIAN ________                   HISPANIC __________  AFRICAN AMERICAN __________                  OTHER __________________________

Church your family attends (if any) ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Is the student Baptized?     YES _______       NO ________

Are you interested in having your child attend Sunday School at Trinity?    YES _______  NO _______

Parents, please inform the school of any future address or phone number changes.


TUITION AND FEES:    (Payment Options)          Annual        Monthly @ 9     Monthly @ 10     Total Fees Due at Registration

Non-Refundable Registration fee  (per child)       $150.00               -0-                       - 0 -                Registration fee          $      150.00

Grades K to 8             (1st child*)                                  $2,880.00          $320.00              $288.00             Base Tuition                $ _________

Grades K to 8             (2nd child*)                                 $2,160.00           $240.00              $216.00          

Grades K to 8             (3rd child*)                                 $1,440.00           $160.00              $144.00           Less: Discount      - ($ _________)

(Returning student discount of 5% off base tuition will be applied for students coming from TLCS Preschool to K  and  for K-7 returnees.)                   Less: Discount             - ($ _________)

(*The eldest child in the family shall be considered the ‚ÄúFirst Child‚ÄĚ and discount will be applied to the YOUNGEST siblings' tuition.)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Less: Scholarship¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† - ($ _________)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

(LCMS member family discount of 15 percent may be applied to ELDEST child's tuition.   See Tuition and Discounts Rate Sheet.)                           Total due monthly      $ _________

All monthly tuition is to be paid one full month in Advance of the month it covers.  You may pay your child’s first month of tuition at the time of registration.  Payment for Sept. is due on Aug. 1st.   Payment for Oct. is due on Sept. 1st.   If payment for Sept. has not been  made by Sept. 1st, you are not to send your child in Sept. until it  has been paid, etc.   (See policy in Parent Handbook.)                        (Please see Land’s End Catalog Sizing Guide)         

      * SHIRT SIZE                 __________


______________________________________________________________           _________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature                                                                                       Date