Tuition and Fees

Trinity Lutheran Classical School

Trinity Lutheran Classical School (Preschool, Kindergarten - 8th Grade)

Non-Refundable Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee, per child, is due at the time of enrollment each year.  (See the following page for amounts.)  TLCS does not receive any federal or state aid, nor does it have huge cash reserves.  The financial viability of the school is dependent upon student families making regular, timely tuition payments to insure that staff salaries and all other operation expenses can be met on a timely basis. 


All checks or money orders are to be made payable to Trinity Lutheran Classical School.  Registration fees and tuition payments are to be mailed or delivered in person to the church office.  The office will be staffed from 7:45 to 9:00 a.m. for your convenience. All monthly tuition payments are due one month in advance by the 1st of the month.  (i.e. September tuition payment is due August 1st. October’s tuition payment is due September 1st.)  Preschool tuition payments shall be made August – April, a total of 9 payments. K-8th grade students have the option of reducing the monthly payment amount by making 10 monthly payments instead of 9.  Under the 10 month option, payments would be made August – May.  No extra payment is required for the school days in August as they are offset by the vacation/holiday breaks during the rest of the year.  No discount is given for vacation/holiday break days not in school.  If the monthly tuition payment has not been paid by the beginning of the month, the child is not to attend until it is paid.

If difficulties should arise in meeting the monthly tuition payment, you are encouraged to speak immediately with the Headmaster or the Administrative Assistant to make special arrangements to meet the tuition obligation.  We understand that sometimes the unforeseeable can happen and we want to be able to assist you as much as we are able.


Tuition is not waived, refunded or discounted for personal vacation absences or holidays that may occur during a month.  However, tuition or partial pro-rated tuition may be refunded if:

  1. The student is withdrawn from the program upon proper notice and with the approval of the school headmaster.  There will be no refund if a student is withdrawn without prior notification and consultation with the Headmaster.
  2. The student contracts a long-term illness where he or she misses all class sessions for 10 or more consecutive days. (Doctor’s note is required.)

Tuition Scholarships 

It is our hope that no child will be kept from attending Trinity Lutheran Classical School due to financial inability.  Accordingly, a limited number of scholarships and other financial assistance are available. Most scholarships are issued at the beginning of the school year and extend throughout the academic year. However, applications for financial assistance can be made anytime throughout the year.  Proper documentation of income must be provided. Please contact the Administrative Assistant for a scholarship application should one be needed.  All scholarship requests must be approved by the Board of Christian Education and are based upon available funding, the number of scholarships requested, the situations of greatest need.   Federal free lunch guidelines are used to determine the level of need.  All scholarships are funded by donations from TLC members, memorials and special offerings (i.e. Christmas programs, Graduation/Promotion programs).  Donations to the scholarship fund are welcome anytime. 

Tuition and Discounts (2021-2022)

Registration Fees:

Preschool  $50 (2 day or 3 day class)  $100 (5 day class – Afternoons
K-8th Grade $150 (The fee increases to $200 after April 30th for any returning students going from Preschool into Kindergarten & returning K-8th students.)

All monthly tuition is to be paid ONE FULL MONTH IN ADVANCE of the month it covers.  You may pay your child’s first month of tuition at the time of registration if you would like to.  Advance tuition paid, but not used, may be refunded.  The registration fee is non-refundable.

Payment for Sept. is due August 1st or prior to your child attending school.  Payment for October is due on Sept. 1st.    If payment for October has not been made by October 1st, you are Not to send your child in October until it has been paid, etc.  Tuition will not be discounted for missed days due to late payment. 

Regular Base Tuition Rates: 

Class Monthly  Monthly  Annual
  9 Month 10 Month  
Preschool (2-day) $85.00 not an option $765.00
Preschool (3-day) $115.00 not an option $1035.00
Preschool (5-day) $194.00 not an option $1,746.00
K-8th grade $333.33 $300.00 $3000.00

Returning Student Discount:

5% discount is offered off regular base tuition rate to T.L.C.S preschool students enrolling in Kindergarten and all returning K-8th students.  This discount does not apply to students going from 2 day preschool to 3 day preschool as our preschool tuition costs are already minimal.

Multi-child Discounts:

25% discount is offered off regular base tuition rate for a second child and a 50% discount is offered off regular base tuition rate for a third child enrolled.  The discount is always applied to the youngest child.

Tuition Rates Preschool Preschool Preschool K-8 K-8
   2 day  3 day 5 day 9 month 10 month
Second Child $63.75  $86.25  $145.50 $250.00 $225.00
Third Child $42.50 $57.50 $97.00 $166.66 $150.00

Trinity Lutheran Member Family Discount: 

A 15% discount off regular base tuition rate on one child’s tuition rate is offered per family where one or both parents are confirmed members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Miles City, or another LCMS congregation.  The 15% is applied to the eldest child’s tuition. (Some figures may have been rounded to nearest $)

Tuition Rates:  Preschool Preschool Preschool K-8 K-8
  2 day 3 day 5 day 9 Month 10 Month
Eldest Child $72.25  $97.75 $165.00 $283.33 $255.00

Some Scholarship Funding Available: (General Scholarship usually = 20% off Reg. Base Tuition Rate)

Scholarships must be requested and applied for with proper Proof of Income Documents provided - (Most recent full Month’s paycheck stub(s)  AND a copy of page from last Income Tax Return showing Gross (family) income & taxable income OR most recent W-2’s).  Ask Pastor about K-8th Special Needs or ACE Scholarships.

TLCS Federal Tax ID #  81-0298632

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