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Luther Classical College (LCC)

Preparing for a Classical Lutheran Education

Luther Classical College, located in the picturesque setting of Casper, Wyoming, is poised to open its doors to students in the fall of 2025. Rooted in conservative values and committed to a classical Lutheran education, LCC has a profound mission: to educate Lutherans in the classical tradition and equip them for honorable vocations within the realms of family, church, and society. Our guiding principle is the cultivation of Christian culture by delving into the rich tapestry of Western heritage.

A Vision of Learning

At Luther Classical College, we envision a place where students learn:

Family First: We emphasize the primacy of family over mere worldly success.

God's Design: We acknowledge and cherish the beautiful, God-given differences and roles of men and women.

Christian Culture: We foster Christian culture by supporting faithful churches and nurturing pious homes.

This is the essence of Luther Classical College. We are passionate advocates for authentic Lutheran culture, lives enriched with learning and Christian virtues, and a commitment to humble service within Lutheran homes, churches, and communities. Proudly and unapologetically Lutheran in liturgy, theology, and culture, we strive to be a college founded by Lutherans, for Lutherans.

Our Vision Unfolds

We plan to enroll our inaugural class in the fall of 2025. As an accredited institution, we will offer associate and bachelor's degrees in the Classical Liberal Arts. At full capacity, we will provide accommodations for 300 students, supported by a dedicated faculty of 14 and a staff of 9.

We dedicate ourselves to three pillars:

Christian Culture

Christ-Centered Education: Our foundation is centered on Christ, His teachings, and His grace.

Focus on Christian Life and Virtue: We instill values that reflect Christian virtues in every aspect of life.

Unapologetically Lutheran: Our doctrine and practices are firmly rooted in Lutheran traditions.

Conservative Wisdom

Priority of Family: We prioritize the family unit as the cornerstone of society.

Love for Country and History: We cherish our nation's heritage and history.

Defense of God-Given Liberty: We uphold the principles of liberty granted by our Creator.

Academic Excellence

Classical Liberal Arts: We provide a holistic education in the classical liberal arts tradition.

Lifelong Learning: We promote a culture of continuous learning.

Excellence in Critical Skills: We emphasize proficiency in reading, critical thinking, and effective communication.

Support Our Mission

Be part of this historic mission. Become a Patron by contributing just $10 a month (or more).

Send your monthly tax-deductible donation to: Luther Classical College 2300 S. Hickory Street, Casper, WY. 82604-9901

For inquiries, reach out to Samuel Preus or call 1 (307) 314-5882.

Join Us in Two Years

In precisely two years, LCC will open its doors to its first 60 students on campus. Would you like to be one of them?

Pre-Enrollment Guide Now Available: 

Prospective students often wonder how to prepare for enrollment and admission. The "Preparing for Enrollment at Luther Classical College: A Guide for Parents of Prospective LCC Students" offers guidance on the pre-enrollment education process. Parents will discover a wealth of advice on providing their children with an education steeped in Christian culture. The guide includes an overview of degree programs, admission requirements, Q&A, pre-college reading suggestions, and curriculum recommendations.

Luther Classical College eagerly awaits the arrival of its inaugural class in 2025, and it would be our privilege if your child were among them. LCC welcomes your inquiries, prayers, and support as we prepare to provide the finest in Lutheran classical education.

Download the four-page Curriculum Preview

Dr. Ryan MacPherson, Professor & Academic Dean of Luther Classical College

MEN'S RETREAT: An Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

Join us at the scenic Makoshika State Park in Glendive for a rejuvenating Men's Retreat on Friday and Saturday, September 8th and 9th. This event promises spiritual enrichment and fellowship. If you're interested in attending, please don't hesitate to contact our pastor for more details.

Embracing New Beginnings: Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church 

On August 20, 2023, the Montana District LCMS President, Rev. Terry Forke, graced the congregation of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Challis, Idaho, with a warm welcome. They officially became members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and the Montana District. This remarkable journey was initiated by Shepherd of the Valley, Salmon, Idaho, as they passionately sought to extend God's kingdom by sharing the Good News of Jesus in a new community. Let's remember and support these newest members of our district through our prayers and shared confession of faith.

Patriot Day: Honoring Our Heroes 

On Monday, September 11th, 2023, we pause to commemorate Patriot Day. This significant day serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength of our nation. We remember the heroes who selflessly served and sacrificed. Take a moment to reflect on the importance of unity and remembrance.

Guild News: Lutheran Women's Missionary League 

The Trinity Lutheran Guild gathered on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, in the Fellowship Hall, with the warmth of seven members in attendance. Hosted by Wava Roach and Theresa Scheid, the meeting began with a heartfelt prayer led by President Theresa.

Wava shared inspiring devotions from Portals of Prayer, fostering a sense of spiritual connection among attendees. To add a touch of nostalgia and laughter, a roll call took place, with members sharing their "funniest childhood memories."

Financial matters were not neglected, as Emma Morrison presented the treasurer's report for June and July 2023 as of 8/13/2023. Transparency and accountability are the pillars of a strong community.

Florence Lodwig shared correspondence, including a heartfelt thank you from Jensina K. for the confirmation reception. We also received a letter from Yuanne of LCW and a flyer regarding the Southern Zone Fall LWML Rally in Bridger, MT, on October 7, 2023. An open invitation is extended to all LMWL members to participate.

In the spirit of community involvement, Guild members discussed a request from Residential Living Activities at Holy Rosary. They reached out to Theresa regarding restarting Bingo and monthly birthday parties for the residents, requesting the Guild's assistance. While this topic was tabled for further information, it reflects the Guild's commitment to serving the broader community.

Theresa reported on the successful communion setup during the summer, with a possible expansion of trays in the coming months.

With the retirement of Pastor Schreibeis, Guild members have stepped up to volunteer for the Guild Bible study. Monthly Bible study sessions will be enriched by bringing your quarterly magazines for insightful discussions. Florence has graciously volunteered to lead the study for September.

Looking ahead, LWML Sunday falls on October 1, followed by the Pastor Appreciation Reception on October 8. These events promise enriching moments of faith and fellowship.

Our next guild meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 6:30 p.m., as we continue to grow together in faith. As always, our meetings conclude with the Lord's Prayer, a powerful reminder of our shared faith and purpose.

In service to our community, Ginger Mueller, Guild Co-Secretary

September Duties:

  • Hostesses: Debbie Helland, Claudia Kransky
  • Communion: Claudia, Joyce Holmlund, and Theresa
  • Devotions: Maureen Klapmeier
  • Bible Study: Florence Lodwig

THE KING IS COMING: A Reflection on Faith and Hope

Written by Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray, Jr., Director of the LCMS Black Ministry

As we approach LWML Sunday on October 1st, let us delve into the theme, "The King is Coming," rooted in Psalm 24:7–10. Throughout history, God has symbolized the arrival of a redemptive king through various promises, providence, provisions, and protection for His people. In a world often overshadowed by evil and distress, hope, peace, joy, and love are the unwavering promises of our God to His people. Christ is the King of Glory, and the Gospel is our anchor, ushering the King of Glory into our lives through Baptism and the promise of new life.

The psalm calls us to lift our heads and open ancient doors, welcoming the King of Glory. Who is this King of Glory? The answer resounds: "The LORD, strong and mighty, the LORD, mighty in battle!" Our faith hinges on this divine truth, for the LORD of hosts is the King of glory!

The Importance of Logic in Faith and Education 

In the beginning, there was logic. The Apostle Paul, inspired by the infallible Spirit, questioned, "Has not God made the wisdom of this world foolish?" The Bible, filled with contrasts and antithesis, guides us in understanding what we should stand for and what we should oppose. Among the battles we must fervently fight is against the darkness of human minds.

Exploring the classical model of education, we find both method and content—the trivium and the great works of the Western world. While the method stands on the unwavering foundation of history, the content, particularly logic, has sparked debate. Some may ask, "Why teach our children man's logic, considered foolish by God?" This question stems from a misunderstanding of logic's divine origin. Logic is not a product of fallen humanity but an inherent aspect of our holy God's nature. It's not "man's logic" but God's logic.

John 1:1 reminds us, "In the beginning was the Word." The Greek word for "Word" is "logos," and while "Word" is a fitting translation, Dr. Gordon Clark suggests it could also be translated as "logic." Thus, John could have written, "In the beginning was the logic, and the logic was God." This logic isn't of human origin but divine. Logic isn't a tool of deception; it's a beacon of truth. It helps us recognize and dismantle falsehoods, such as the idea that there's no objective truth. Logic reveals that such a claim contradicts itself, serving as a guard against the strongholds of deception.

Beyond sounding alarms about falsehood, logic guides us toward truth. In understanding God's Word, logic is indispensable. It helps us avoid unwarranted conclusions, embrace necessary truths, and interpret Scripture coherently. Logic equips us to see God's revelation with clarity and light. In essence, logic is not man's creation but God's gift. Teaching it to our children empowers them to think about God's thoughts after Him, allowing their minds to be transformed and renewed.

In closing, we recognize that logic, far from being a tool of human folly, is a divine instrument designed to illuminate the Word of God and the world of God. As we reflect on these profound themes, let us remember the words of Jesus, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). May we always strive to "speak the truth to one another" (Zechariah 8:16), "grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ" (Ephesians 4:15), and find the liberating truth in abiding in His word (John 8:32).

Trinity Lutheran Classical School - Building a Strong Foundation for Education

Established August 27, 2008

As we embark on our 16th academic school year, we offer praise and gratitude to God. With eager anticipation, we await the arrival of 42 bright students who will join us in late August.

Parent Orientation Sessions: Monday, August 28th

To ensure a smooth start to the school year, we have scheduled mandatory Parent Orientation Sessions for Kindergarten through 8th-grade parents on Monday, August 28th. Two sessions will be held: one from 9–10 a.m. and another from 1–2 p.m. You may choose the session that best fits your schedule.

Regular Classes Begin: Tuesday, August 29th

Our regular Kindergarten through 8th-grade classes will commence on Tuesday, August 29th, starting at 8:00 a.m. and concluding at 3:30 p.m. Please do not drop off your children before 7:45 a.m. as our staff will be preparing for their arrival.

Meet Our Dedicated Teachers:

Michelle Rice: Returning as head teacher, guiding twenty-one 2nd–4th graders.

Jolene Taylor: Instructing twelve kindergarteners and three 1st-grade students.

Pastor Howard Schreibeis: Our school headmaster, imparting wisdom to six 5th–8th grade students during morning classes.

Ken Holmlund: Leading the afternoon classes for six 5th–8th grade students.

School Schedule:

Our K–8th grade classes will run from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, K–8 students will attend from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Please ensure your children bring their own lunches, and they will have lunch on campus from Monday through Thursday at noon.

Fridays: A Day of Enrichment

Fridays will include a chapel with Pastor Schreibeis, physical education (PE) instructed by Jessica Rosencranz, art instructed by Alicyn Chapman, music instructed by Michelle Rice, and house meetings.

Meet Our Caring Aides:

Sheri-Ritter Scott: Aide for Mrs. Taylor

Kelsey Shurson: Aide for Mrs. Rice

Holiday Notice: No School on Labor Day

A friendly reminder that there will be no school on Labor Day, Monday, September 4th.

K-8th Grade Clothing Available

Trinity Lutheran Classical School requires students to wear uniforms. We have a variety of free, gently-used TLCS clothing available in different sizes. These items have been washed, neatly folded, and are ready to be picked out. All registered K–8 students are welcome to select from these free items. Visit us in the fellowship hall to find your child's uniform.

"Show me your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths." —PSALM 25:4

Preschool: "Shepherding Jesus' Lambs"

Since October 3, 1988

We are thrilled to commence our 36th preschool academic year. Parent/child orientation sessions will be held on Monday, August 28th, from 8–9 a.m. for the 3-day morning class and 1–2 p.m. for the 5-day afternoon class. Additionally, Parent/Child Orientation will take place on Tuesday, August 29th, from 8–9 a.m. for the 2-day morning class. Our regular classes will begin on Tuesday, August 29th, for the 5-day pm class, Wednesday, August 30th, for the 3-day morning class, and Thursday, August 31st, for the 2-day morning class.

Meet Our Dedicated Preschool Team:

Mrs. Virginia Rhoades: Our preschool teacher.

Mrs. Haley Krull: Serving as our preschool aide.

We look forward to a fantastic school year, where we will nurture each child and share God's Word and love. Preschool is a time for making friends, exploring the world, and learning about God's creation.

Holiday Notice: No Preschool on Labor Day

Please note that there will be no preschool on Labor Day, Monday, September 4th.

Openings Available: 5-Day PM Preschool Class

Our 5-day pm Preschool class is open for enrollment. This class runs from Monday to Friday, 1-4 p.m., and is suitable for 4 and 5-year-olds (4 on or before Sept. 10th). If you are interested, please contact Peggy at 406-234-4983.

Sunday School and Bible Class: Shaping Young Hearts and Minds

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it." —Proverbs 22:6

As summer Sunday school draws to a close on August 27th, please be aware that there will be no Sunday school on September 3rd due to the Labor Day weekend. Our official start date for the new Sunday school year will be September 10th, with classes held from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Each Sunday, we conduct a free-will offering for a special mission project. Last year's S.S. mission offering of $54.10 is yet to be designated.

Classes for All Ages: Volunteers Needed

We have classes for students aged 3 years through 12th grade, with dedicated teachers for each group. Currently, we are actively seeking a teacher for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. If you are interested in joining our Sunday school team, please contact Sarah at 406-853-3455.

Installation of Teachers and Staff

The 2023–24 Sunday school teachers and staff will be installed on Sunday, September 10th, at the 9:00 a.m. service. We eagerly anticipate another year of studying God's Word together.

Join Us in His Word: Volunteers Welcome

We are excited to begin a new year of Sunday school and Bible class. We are actively seeking more volunteers, so if you or someone you know would like to help, please contact any of the names listed below. We also need substitute teachers who can fill in when our regular teachers are unavailable.

Thank You for Your Support

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all congregation members and school parents who generously donated much-needed school classroom, kitchen, and sanitation supplies for Trinity Lutheran Classical School's Preschool and K-8 2023-2024 academic school years. Your kind support for the mission and ministry of our school is greatly appreciated. God bless all of you!

Grant Received: Advancing Our School

TLCS is pleased to announce the receipt of a $600 grant from the MT District LCMS. This grant will be used to purchase three new printers, enhancing our school's resources.

Friends of Reynolds: Support Our School

If you shop at Reynold's Grocery, Miles City, remember to connect your phone number to Trinity Lutheran Classical School on your Friends of Reynold's account. This simple action allows us to benefit each time you shop at Reynold's Grocery, with Reynold's donating 1% of your total spending to our school at no cost to you. In August, we received a rebate check from Reynolds for $292.65, all thanks to customers like you. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated.

Recycle for a Cause: Used Inkjet Printer Cartridges

We invite you to save your used inkjet printer cartridges (no large toner cartridges, please) in a ziplock bag and drop them off in our recycling bins at the front and back of fellowship hall entries. In July 2023, we received $59.25 for recycled cartridges, and in August 2023, we received $96.75 for recycled ink cartridges. Your small effort can contribute significantly to our school.

Box Tops for Education: Support Education

Support our school by participating in the Box Tops for Education program. Instead of cutting off Box Tops for Education coupons from boxes, you can now scan your receipt with your phone when you purchase items with a Box Tops for Education symbol on the package. Direct your funds earned to Trinity Lutheran Classical School, Miles City, MT.

TLCS Classroom Expansion: Building for the Future

Looking ahead, we hope to construct another classroom in the basement next spring or summer. Currently, we have $10,685 allocated for this project. Your donations are warmly welcome. Please make checks payable to Trinity Building Fund, and note on the memo line: TLCS Classroom Expansion. Together, we can continue to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for our students.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Trinity Lutheran Classical School. We look forward to a fruitful and successful academic year.

Navigating College Life with LCMS U: A Guide for Students and Parents

Heading off to college is an exciting yet challenging transition for many young adults. As students embark on this new journey, they face not only academic hurdles but also moral and spiritual choices that may challenge their Christian worldview. To help them start their college years on the right foot, it's essential to connect them with an LCMS U chapter at their college or university. In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of LCMS U and how it can provide students with a strong foundation to navigate the complexities of college life.

LCMS U: A Supportive Community

College can be tough on our young adults. 

Away from the familiar surroundings of home and church, students may find themselves facing situations that challenge their faith and values. LCMS U is a vital resource for students seeking guidance, fellowship, and support. By joining an LCMS U chapter, students gain access to a community of like-minded individuals who share their faith and values.

The Importance of Connection

Maintaining a strong connection with their faith during college is crucial for young adults. The friendships and relationships formed within an LCMS U chapter can provide emotional and spiritual support during this critical phase of life. Students will have the opportunity to share their experiences, seek advice, and grow in their faith together.

Finding an LCMS U Chapter

You can easily find an LCMS U chapter by visiting This resource provides a list of LCMS U chapters across the country, making it simple for students and parents to identify the one nearest to their college or university. In instances where there isn't an existing chapter, assistance is available to help establish one. Simply reach out to campus ministries, LCMS, or local Lutheran congregations near the college or university.

Discovering LCMS U Resources

LCMS U offers a wealth of resources designed to support college students in their faith journey. The LCMS U website features connections to ministry partners, information about a weekly radio show tailored to college students, and a variety of other helpful resources. These tools are invaluable for students seeking spiritual guidance and a sense of belonging within their campus community.

Visit this website to find an LCMS U chapter near your college or university or for assistance in establishing one. Click on the "Get Connected" tab. Your support and involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of college students as they navigate this exciting but challenging phase of life.

Nurturing Faith and Life Quotes

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, it's essential to find inspiration and guidance to lead a life rooted in faith and purpose. Here, we present a collection of life quotes and reflections that delve into the profound aspects of faith, joy, stewardship, and commitment to one's beliefs.

Life Quotes

"There is hope in Jesus, the Light of Life!"

Life's journey may be filled with trials, but the hope found in Christ's enduring light guides us through even the darkest of times.

"Holiness through Christ's Righteousness" - Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasky

We are not only made holy through Christ's righteousness but are also called to serve, love, and make disciples as part of God's purpose.

"Raising Children in Faith" - Rev. Jeff Duncan

Nurturing faith in our children is a profound responsibility, ensuring they grow to respect, love, and serve God, their neighbors, and their communities.

"God's Unending Love" - Barbara Lane Geistfeld, D.V.M.

In our daily lives, we should remember that God's love never ends, and His strength sustains us through all challenges.

"Celebrating the Sanctity of Human Life" - Pastor Michael Salemink

Every human life is a precious gift and a privilege. Our mission is to cherish and protect life from conception to eternity.

Grandparent's Day: A Legacy of Faith 

National Grandparents Day, initiated by Marian McQuade, is a time to honor grandparents, celebrate their love for their grandchildren, and recognize the wisdom and guidance they offer. As Psalm 145:4 reminds us, the older generation imparts their experiences and tells of God's mighty works.

A Morning Prayer: 

A heartfelt morning prayer reflects on the uncertainty of each day, emphasizing the importance of living without guilt and repenting of known sins. Through Christ, we find forgiveness and the assurance that we are His beloved children.

Stewardship in the First Commandment: 

Martin Luther's Small Catechism provides a foundation for understanding the Christian faith. The First Commandment calls us to fear, love, and trust God above all else. We are reminded not to seek comfort in possessions but to use them as tools for God's work.

2024 Budget Preparation: 

All boards and committees are encouraged to start working on their 2023 church budget requests. These requests will be reviewed and compiled for presentation at the November 19 Voter's Assembly meeting.

Job Description for a CHRISTIAN: 

As Christians, we are called to share Christ's love, speak of our hope in Him with kindness and humility, and stand firm against temptation. Qualifications include surrender to God, a desire to follow His commandments, a servant's heart, and the courage to face life's challenges.

Contact Information: 

For more information, please contact Trinity Lutheran Church & Classical School at (406) 234-4983 or visit our website.

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