May 2022 Newsletter from Trinity Lutheran Church

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Call for Support

We need classical Lutheran colleges. By God's grace, Luther Classical College in Casper, WY, will be the first of many. We need to promote genuine Christian culture in our homes, communities, and churches. We need the next generation of Lutherans to be prepared to fight the good fight of faith in a country hostile to their faith, to find their pride in being Christ’s, to raise up another generation of Lutherans with Christian goals directed at congregational life, devotional piety at home, and promotion of virtue within their communities. The college years are critical for this. So Luther Classical College is asking for your support.

The Board of Regents would like to welcome congregations to become supporting congregations of the college, by committing to four years of support of $5,ooo, $io,ooo, or $2o,ooo a year (or a number that fits within their budget). With a hundred such supporting congregations, Luther Classical College will be able to break ground while keeping tuition costs low for our future students.

We also encourage individual or group contributions of any amount. The money given to sup- port Luther Classical College will be an investment in our children's future and the future of the Christian Church. Jesus tells us to make eternal friends for ourselves by means of unrighteous mammon (Luke 16:Q). We on the Board of regents are committed to doing just that. We ask you to join us according to your ability. God bless our endeavors for Jesus’ sake!

For more information or to donate online, please visit our website at

You may also contact us directly with questions at


The Regents of Luther Classical College

Mr. Hunter Andersen

Mr. Justin Benson Pastor Paul Cain

Mr. Micah Christensen

Mr. Larry Harrington

Pastor Joshua Hayes

Pastor John Hill

Pastor Christopher Maronde

Pastor Robert Paul

Pastor Christian Preus

Pastor Mark Preus

Pastor Andrew Richard

Pastor Reed Shoaff

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