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A Fresh Breath of Truth

Spring is in the air!  You can smell it and feel it!  Open the house and let the freshness in!  As a youngster I always remember that it was a big deal to finally be able to air out the house after the long “closed-in” winter.  Spring greeted us with a fresh breath of new life.

Such freshness of new birth comes spiritually for us each Spring as well.  We call it Easter when we rejoice anew in Jesus’ victory over sin and death for us. For Jesus was put to death for our sins and raised for our justification; our new lease on life! (Romans 4:25)  What a blessing to be able to savor the freshness… the life…the living hope!

Unfortunately, winter does not go away for good.  Spring gives birth to the new life of Summer but Summer gives way to the dying of Fall and then Fall ends with the cold, harsh, deadness of Winter.  So, our celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord is continually under attack by the winter of our Easter-less world. 

The truth of Jesus’ resurrection, however, is the very power that brings light and life to our world and into our lives. For what we celebrate at Easter is a Truth that defeats the false narrative of this fallen existence. After all, our world’s deadness is actually caused by its lack of the knowledge of the Truth.  It is a world of “anti-truth.”

Don’t be deceived.  There is a true war against the Truth going on. The enemies of Truth are fighting more ferociously and aggressively than ever before in history. Everywhere you and I turn we are being asked, coached and even demanded to call truth what is clearly false. 

For example, nothing could be more obviously true than the binary nature of human beings.  One does not need to be a reader or believer in The Holy Bible to see for himself that anatomically we humans are either male or female and that functionally these two sexes are not interchangeable.  It is physically impossible for a female to “father”, or “beget”, a child.  At the same time a male body cannot naturally bear or give birth to a child.  Even though some are trying to surgically change their sex, they cannot succeed in changing one sex into the other.  The reason is that neither maleness nor femaleness is merely defined by characteristic body parts.  Deep within the cellar level of each one of us, our DNA, the very building codes of our bodies and minds, is distinctively male or female.  Just because some man feels he is actually a woman and even demands that the rest of us refer to him as “her,”  it does not make him a woman.  Likewise, no matter how much he surgically mutilates his body or how many hormones he pumps into his body, at most all he can do is change his appearance.  He cannot change His God-given sex.

The war on truth, though, goes well beyond biology. Whether it be in the political, scientific or even the theological realms, the prevailing notion is that truth is established by those who have the most power and control over the public narrative. Empirical evidence, logic, reason, and especially divine revelation are dismissed out of hand.  As a result, he who has the largest megaphone and controls the public podium is emboldened to be the arbiter of truth.  So we are seeing that the power houses of the main stream media, as well as the social media giants, are the gods of truth today. NBC, ABC, The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter, Google, not only control the flow of information but have also set themselves up as the ultimate “fact checkers.”  However, when sinful, fallible, human beings are in charge of truth, it’s no wonder that what was once considered true is no longer accepted as so and that today’s established truth will be tomorrow’s fake news.  Truth subject to the eye of the beholder is no truth at all!

There is only one Truth you and I can rely on and that is Jesus Christ.  He is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6).  Only Jesus has seen God and has made Him known for only He has been at the Father’s side from all eternity (John 1:18).  Only Jesus, knows the secrets of creation and our existence for He is the true Son of God Who is and was always with God and is God (John 1:1). He alone is the Word of God through whom all things were created (John 1:3).  In Him alone is Life and the light of men (John 1:4).  Only Jesus is the Savior of sinners for only Jesus has atoned for the sin of the whole world (Acts 4:12).  Only Jesus has declared Himself to be the Lord of Life by raising Himself from the dead (Romans 1:4).  And because He alone conquered death He has no reason to lie (John 18:37).  Accordingly, Jesus promises, If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32).

The Risen Jesus is the breath of fresh Truth in this world of anti-truth.  Join us again this Easter season as we breathe in deeply the Truth that frees and saves!

Your servant in Him Who is Truth, Pastor Schreibeis

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