Trinity Lutheran Classical 

School & Preschool


An Early Childhood
Christian Learning Center

Shepherding Jesus’ Lambs

Since October 3, 1988

221 S. Center Ave.
Miles City, Montana  59301

An Evangelical Outreach of
Trinity Lutheran Church, LCMS
Mission and Ministry



Trinity Lutheran Classical School’s Preschool seeks to:
-  Provide a firm foundation in the Christian faith at an early age, based on God's Word;
-  Incorporate Christian morals and values daily in the curriculum;
-  Provide a loving Christian atmosphere in which the young can grow and provide Christian teachers who are free to express their     faith in word and example;
-  Help children develop a prayer life and an appreciation and understanding of God's Word at an early age;
-  Provide a support network for all family members;
-  Develop a mission outreach to the community - children and their families;
-  Extend the church's activity into the community through community service.


The objective of Trinity Lutheran Classical School’s Preschool is that everyone, through the Word and Spirit, may:
-  Know God and His seeking and forgiving love in Christ and respond in faith and love;
-  Identify themselves as a child of God, a member of Christ's Body;
- and as such: grow in self-understanding and self-acceptance, express His love through service to fellow human beings, relate    responsibly to His whole creation;
- And live in the Christian hope.

   In Deuteronomy 6:7, God directed ALL Israel to instruct children in the Word; they were to "teach His Word diligently to your children to them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise."

   We believe Lutheran Preschool is a way to allow the Word of God to permeate and saturate the life of the young child.


Curriculum  is what  happens  in  the preschool  classroom - the framework for all activities.  Children learn through using all five senses, so in the classroom, you   will see role-playing, block structures, classifying, sorting, counting, smelling, tasting,       and touching.  Children may be noisy and active; but learning is taking place.  Our curriculum covers the following areas:

  -  Spiritual growth and worship
  -  Language development
  -  Reading readiness
  -  Math concepts
  -  Health
  -  Science
  -  Social Studies
  -  Physical education
  -  Fine motor skills
  -  Hand-eye coordination
  -  Arts, Crafts and Music

This  curriculum is achieved by dividing our time between teacher directed    activities and individual, free-choice activities.  The CPH"VOYAGES  - Exploring God’s Word" curriculum and various supplements are used.  We encourage children to write using D'Nealian handwriting which they will use in the Miles City Public Schools.


TRINITY LUTHERAN CLASSICAL SCHOOL Preschool - 6th Grade admits  students of any race,  color and national or ethnic origin.  Children are enrolled  with first consideration being given to baptized members of Trinity Lutheran Church,   and those students returning from the previous school-year, and the waiting list in  the order they appear.

Two day classes are offered for 3 and 4 year old's  (must be  3 on  or  before Sept. 10th of the current school year).

Three day classes  are offered for 4 and 5 year old's  (must be 4 on  or before Sept. 10th of the current school-year).

Please  speak   to  the  teacher, headmaster,  or  the  administrative assistant if you have  a special  need  which  these programs do not meet.

M-W-F   3 Day Programs
Tu-Th    2 Day Programs
AM  Sessions  8:00 - 11:00
PM  Sessions  1:00 -   4:00

There is a  non-refundable  registration fee due at enrollment.    Some scholarship funding available.   For more information on  tuition  and  enrollment,  please  call Peggy at 234-4983.


Pam Henman  -  Preschool Teacher
                                   -Preschool Teacher’s Aide
Michelle Rice   -K - 6th Teacher

Roberta Rickman - 7-8th teacher
Jolene Taylor -  K - 8th Teacher’s Aide
Peggy Certain  - Admin. Assistant 
Pastor Howard Schreibeis    - Pastor & Headmaster

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the appropriate staff or board member.  We look forward to serving your family, in Christ.  May the Lord continue to bless this ministry.

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