New YouTube Channel

Expanding Our Digital Presence

Due to the recent situation regarding Covid 19, we have created a YouTube channel for the purpose of streaming church services and devotional bible studies until the standard order of service resumes.  To watch videos, navigate to the menu at the top of the screen and hover over the sermons tab.  Select the videos option.  To make this even easier, here is a link where you can watch videos directly from this website.  You may want to bookmark the following links into your internet browser:

Here is the direct link to our YouTube channel below:

Why YouTube?

YouTube provides an amazing opportunity to reach people in a very digital world that may be difficult to reach otherwise.  We can use YouTube strategically to reach those who already attend our church, as well as a much larger community of online viewers.

More Good Reasons

Did you know that people will often check out a church's online presence before they attend an actual service these days?  In this digital world, before people step into a church building, they will check out a website and social media channels first. One great way for them to understand what an actual service is like is by watching a video—either live or on YouTube.  That is another compelling reason why it is so important have a church YouTube channel with content. 

Trinity Lutheran Church YouTube Channel